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What is Sound Portraits

Sound Portraits is a concept and a live performance, involving music, improvisation, technology, and creativity.

Mirko Guerrini has conceived and created a unique “source code” that gives him the capability to read a human face as a music score.

Your face generates a unique melody, the “sonic dna”, and your star sign generates the harmony and the rhythmic treatment.

The portrait is recorded on a cd in real time and gifted to the subject to bring home.

About Sound Portraits

What would you sound like as a jazz tune? Mirko Guerrini (saxophone) and Carlo Canevali (drums), use a unique “source code” to create melody from your facial features, harmony and rhythm from your astrology, and mood from your emotional presence. Hear your
Sound Portrait composed live and keep a copy on CD.

Sound Portraits is the ideal performance to surprise your friends or family. It is an amazing gift for a birthday girl/boy.

Sound Portrait is available for private functions, private or public events, weddings, parties, corporate events and everywhere you think is appropriate.

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